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William Dabill and Ann Mellows

This is the family page for William Dabill (1842) and Ann Mary Mellows.

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William Dabill

Full name | William Dabill

Date of Birth | 10th November 1842, Oxton, Nottinghamshire

Married1 | November 1865, in Hucknall Nottinghamshire to Ann Mellows

Married2 | 25th March 1880, to Sarah Elliot, who was born 9th January 1836, Sherwood, Nottinghamshire

Died | 1913, Bingham District

Ann Mellows

Full name | Ann Mary Mellows

Date of Birth | About 1843, Hucknall Nottinghamshire

Married | November 1865, in Hucknall Nottinghamshire

Died | June 1879,

Parents of William Dabill

Fathers name | William Dabill, Born October 1816, Calverton Nottinghamshire

Mothers name | Elizabeth Stafford born April 1821, Basford, Nottinghamshire

Married | 5th November 1840, Parish Church, Radford, Nottinghamshire

Parents of Ann Mellows

Fathers name | Francis Mellows, born 8th November 1807

Mothers name | Mary White, born about 1802

Married | 26 November 1828, Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire

Siblings of William Dabill

Sister | Jane Dabill, born about January 1841

Brother | Edward Dabill, born 1844

Sister | Emma Dabill, born 13th March 1852

Brother | Samuel Dabill, born 24 September 1854

Sister | Mary Dabill, born about 1857

Siblings of Ann Mellows



Frank Dabill

Full name | Frank Dabill

Date of Birth | About 1867

Died | 1924, Ecclesall, Sheffield

Married | Margaret Jane Bagley, about 1900

Sarah Jane Dabill

Full name | Sarah Jane Dabill

Date of Birth | 1868

Married |? Fox ??

Full name | William Dabill

Date of Birth | 13th August 1870

Died | 3 April 1945, 10, Firshill Road, Sheffield

Married | Beatrice Barlow, 25th October 1893, Parish Church Wicker, Sheffield , see the marriage certificate here

John Dabill

Full name | John Dabill

Date of Birth | About 1872

Died | About 1948

Married | Sarah Allan, 1894 Basford Registration District

Polly Dabill

Full name | Polly Dabill

Date of Birth | About 1873

Married | Frank William Oakes, 1894, Sheffield Registration District

David Dabill

Full name | David Dabill

Date of Birth | 11th October 1874, West St, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

Died | 24 December 1946, Woodseats Sheffield 8

Married | Elizabeth Clark, 1901, Sheffield, Yorks

Emma Dabill

Full name | Emma Dabill

Date of Birth | About 1877

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William Dabill Funeral Card

Funeral Card

Sarah Dabill Funeral Card

Funeral Card

William Dabill and Sarah Dabill joint gravestone in Hucknall Cemetery

joint Gravestone in Hucknal Cemetery

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